Artist Shamans Role

The role of the visual artist shaman is to create images by tapping into the worlds beyond the margins of ordinary reality. By viewing these images we can respond to the energy and symbolism which have direct links to ancestors and the sacredness of nature. These timeless glimpses can evoke a sense of connection bringing healing and the restoration of balance to both artist and viewer.

To shift into my creative state I drum and rattle for creative and spiritual energy and to ask for inspiration. This gives me a sense of colour, form and materials. For example my conscious mind may have a yen to paint a particular subject, this may be directed or changed during the connection or an entirely different subject can take form.

Another inspiration for me is touch drawing. I ink up a sheet of plate glass with a roller, place an absorbent sheet of paper, on the top and rest my fingers on the paper allowing my hands to free range over the surface making marks by pressing with my fingers or drawing with an implement. When the exercise feels complete I lift off the paper and look at the result. I see forms which I then pick out and add to. By starting out without inhibition the art seems to create itself and brings many surprises and inspirations.

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