Artists Statement – Angela Davis

Art links the spiritual dimension with the material. I take inspiration from dreams and shamanic journeys, allowing the work to unfold naturally and do not concern myself with the end result. The connection of soul, heart and hands is a source of great happiness. It is good for us all to follow our creativity. Colour, feeling, form and humour work together to offer a connection. From the first people who painted on rock and crafted in bone to the modern day, we carry our connection through.



After attending my local school and art school I became interested in art as therapy and worked for sometime with special needs students and also at a psychiatric hospital. I trained in remedial bodywork in the 1980’s and later I qualified as a hypnotherapist. As part of my own development and growth in the early 1990’s I was a student of shamanic teachings with the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies. These teachings set me on a committed path of healing self and others. Art is a major part of this path for me.

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