Welcome to Healing Art,

I have always loved painting and feel that I am entering a magical world when working with colour and imagination. I went to art school in the early 1960’s and then worked for a carpet company as a designer, this was limiting to my creativity but made me a living. In 1975 I trained as a community worker with a special interest in art therapy. This set me on a path to training as a holistic therapist. Now I work in a shamanic way both in healing and in art .From the early 9o’s I started training with the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies to enter non ordinary reality. Using the drumbeat to shift from everyday attention to the worlds of shamanic trance. The intention is always to find lost connection and seek healing. This work has a profound influence on my life and shows clearly in my paintings.

I hope to develop shamanic portraiture and gain commissions. I have completed one for a close friend and she related to the images on the canvas. This work will include imagery I source with the sitter that has a soul connection and will evoke as the painting takes form

I am happy to discuss commissions for portraits, illustrations and projects.

I also welcome enquiries for Shamanic Counselling and Mentoring as well as art sessions for individuals and small groups.



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